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Unlock Unlimited Payment Options for Your Wix Website!


Integrate any payment gateway, accept multi-currency payments, and enjoy seamless integration with Wix Stores, Wix Bookings, and more with Wix Pay Pro!


Wix Pay Pro

The Ultimate Solution for Custom Payment Gateway Integration on Wix

Connect your desired payment gateways with Wix Business Solutions with ease






Pricing Plans

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Tired of Wix's limited payment gateways? Introducing Wix Pay Pro, the ultimate solution to integrate any payment gateway to your Wix website! Start accepting all types of payments from anywhere in the world. Seamlessly integrate custom payment gateways, recurring payments, multi-currency stores, and more. Try Wix Pay Pro now and revolutionize your online business!


Experience the Power of Wix Pay Pro 💪

Wix Custom Payment Gateway Integration

Integrate any third-party payment gateways, offering your customers a wide range of choices. As long as there is an API, we can integrate it with your website!

Wix Cryptocurrency Payments

Stay ahead of the curve by accepting crypto payments. Wix Pay Pro enables you to accept both traditional and cryptocurrency transactions.

Wix Recurring and Subscription Payments

Amplify your subscription-based services with Wix Pay Pro. We make it easy to handle recurring payments using third party payment gateways.

Secure Payment Gateway Integration

Your security is our priority. With Wix Pay Pro, rest easy knowing that your payment gateway integration is safe and secure with best practices & PCI DSS.


Wix Multi-Currency Store and Payments

Take your business global with multi-currency functionality. Accept payments in numerous currencies and expand your customer base internationally.

Full Integration with Wix Business Solutions

Wix Pay Pro seamlessly integrates with all your Wix services, ensuring a consistent and efficient online experience for you andyour customers.

How Wix Pay Pro Works

Get Started with Wix Pay Pro in 3 Easy Steps


Contact our team

Contact our team for a consultation and discuss your specific needs.


Setup Integration

We'll set up your custom payment gateway integration and configure your store.


Enjoy Wix Pay Pro!

Enjoy unlimited payment options, improved customer experience, and increased sales!

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Our Clients

Why companies like Wix Pay Pro?

"Transformed Our Wix Online Store"

Wix Pay Pro transformed our online store by integrating multiple payment gateways, it helps us stay competitive. Highly recommended!


Michael S.

Ready to Unlock Unlimited Payment Options? 🚀

Don't let Wix's limited payment gateways hold back your online store. Get Started with Wix Pay Pro Today! Fill out the form below, and our team will get in touch with you shortly to discuss your custom payment gateway integration needs and how Wix Pay Pro can help you achieve your goals.

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  • Can Wix Pay Pro help me set up recurring payments for my Wix subscription-based business?
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  • Does Wix Pay Pro support multi-currency stores and international payments?
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  • Can I accept crypto payments on my Wix store using Wix Pay Pro?
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  • How can I add alternative payment options to my Wix store with Wix Pay Pro?
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  • Can Wix Pay Pro assist with Wix ecommerce payment gateway integration?
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  • Will Wix Pay Pro work with Wix Bookings and Pricing Plans?
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  • Does Wix Pay Pro support integrating crypto payments and CBD payment processors?
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  • How secure are the payment gateways integrated using Wix Pay Pro?
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  • What is the process for setting up Wix Pay Pro, and what kind of support is offered?
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